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Unlock Efficiency and Engagement with CONTROL 2.0

Elevate Your Business & Enhance Your WellnessSpace Brands Products


The CONTROL 2.0 Software Package is a revolutionary tool designed to amplify the efficiency and impact of your WellnessSpace Brands products. Designed to streamline operations, this optional package integrates seamlessly, enhancing both efficiency and customer experience.

Maintenance Reminders & Alerts

Custom On-Screen Surveys

Usage Reporting & Analytics

Tech Support Messaging

On-Screen Advertising Tools

Marketing Resource Portal

Technical Support Knowledge Base

Cloud Connectivity


Maintenance Reminders & Alerts

WellnessSpace Brands products can be the perfect wellness-focused complement to other perks offered at your club or business. Individual user accounts can be enabled for an even more personalized experience, allowing users to create and save their own ideal massage or select from a range of pre-programmed massages.

On-Screen Survey Management Tool

Directly engage with your customers through Custom On-Screen Surveys presented on the equipment screens. This interactive feature invites users to provide instant feedback on their experience, offering valuable insights that can shape service improvements and innovations. It’s an effortless way for clients to communicate their satisfaction and for you to maintain high standards of service quality.


Usage Reporting & Analytics

Unlock the power of data with CONTROL 2.0’s advanced Usage Reporting & Analytics. This feature provides a deep dive into how customers interact with your wellness equipment, allowing you to tailor your offerings to their preferences. Detailed usage reports help identify peak times, most popular services and trends that could inform business decisions, from staffing to promotional offers. With the option to export data to PDF, you can easily share insights across your team or with stakeholders.

Tech Support Messaging

Experience seamless support with our integrated Tech Support Messaging system. When questions arise or technical challenges occur, immediate assistance is available through CONTROL 2.0. This feature connects you directly with our support team, enabling quick resolution of any issues and uninterrupted service for your clients.


On-Screen Advertising Management Tools

Transform your WellnessSpace Brands products into dynamic marketing platforms with our On-Screen Advertising Tools. Create and display custom advertisements, promotions and announcements right where your customers are most engaged. This powerful tool allows you to update your marketing messages in real-time, ensuring that your clients are always aware of your latest offerings and specials.

Marketing Resource Portal

Access a treasure trove of promotional tools with our comprehensive Marketing Resource Portal. From ready-to-use digital ads and brochures to professional images and logos, everything you need to market your wellness offerings is at your fingertips. This portal also includes tailored marketing plans and strategies, empowering you to boost your brand visibility and attract new clientele.

WellnessSpace Brands' Portal
Technical Support Knowledge Base

Technical Support Knowledge Base

Dive into a wealth of information with our Technical Support Knowledge Base. This extensive library contains troubleshooting tips, FAQs and step-by-step guides, equipping you and your staff with the knowledge to handle common questions and minor issues efficiently, ensuring your equipment always performs at its best.

Cloud Connectivity

Effortlessly synchronize and manage your equipment across multiple locations with Cloud Connectivity. This feature offers the ultimate convenience in operational management, allowing you to oversee all aspects of your wellness equipment from anywhere, at any time. Whether you’re scaling your business or ensuring consistency across sites, CONTROL 2.0 connects you to every unit within your network, providing a centralized and cohesive management experience.

Cloud 2

Why Invest in the CONTROL Software Premium Package?

Staying ahead in the rapidly evolving wellness industry means leveraging the right tools to enhance operational efficiency and client satisfaction. The CONTROL Software Premium Package is not just an investment in software — it’s an investment in the future of your business. 

Maximize Return on Investment

CONTROL 2.0’s detailed insights and management tools ensure that every aspect of your wellness offerings is optimized for maximum return. This means less wasted time, lower operational costs and higher customer retention rates.

Elevate Customer Experience

From personalized greetings on equipment screens to feedback surveys that make clients feel heard, CONTROL 2.0 helps create a connection that fosters loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals.

Empower Efficiency & Scalability

As your business grows, so does the complexity of managing multiple locations. CONTROL 2.0’s cloud connectivity brings all your operations under one roof, figuratively speaking, giving you centralized control and scalability without the growing pains.
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