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Give Members a Much Needed Break with RelaxSpace Wellness Pods

Relax • Reset • Explore

Designed to reduce stress, promote relaxation, enhance muscle recovery and more, RelaxSpace Wellness Pods offer a fully immersive, multi-sensory experience for relaxation and mindfulness.

Featuring large format visuals, audio, temperature and scent controls, a personalized and rejuvenating 15-minute escape awaits with RelaxSpace.

Discover an All-New Way to Rejuvenate

RelaxSpace Wellness Pods take wellness to new heights. Like many similar wellness machines, these pods were developed to promote relaxation — but they don’t stop there.

What Will You Do On Your Wellness Break?

Relax With Nature


With Nature Videos

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With Guided Breathing

Reset With Meditation


 With Meditation

Explore The World


 Unique Cities of the World



 With Personal Growth Resources

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With Mindfulness

Lifestyle Tips Alt


 With Healthy Lifestyle Tips

RelaxSpace Wellness Pods Offer More:


Travel & Nature Videos (with Soundscapes)

Users can escape with the soothing sounds of nature or mesmerizing sights of cities across the world — all from the comfort and convenience of a RelaxSpace Wellness Pod.


Scent Infusion

From fresh pine to tropical coconut, users have the option of accompanying their experience with scent infusions specifically targeted to reduce stress and enhance relaxation.


Meditation & Breathing Exercises

RelaxSpace Wellness Pods allow users to take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life and reset their minds and refresh their bodies with calming meditation and breathing exercises.


Heart-Rate Monitoring

Users can track their state of relaxation during each session, allowing them to be more mindful of stress levels, more aware of their presence and more in control of their state of mind.


Healthy Living & Self-Improvement Tips

RelaxSpace Wellness Pods offer users the option of learning more about how to best fuel their bodies — providing tips on proper nutrition, the benefits of exercise and healthy ways to become more physically fit.


Heat Therapy

Users can soothe sore muscles or an achy back during any session with built-in heated seats. Or, if preferred, users can turn on their overhead fan for a cool breeze while relaxing.

It's the 15-Minutes That Everyone Needs Each Day!"

– Fitness Center Member
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Why Invest in RelaxSpace?

Reach more potential member demographics with a new health & wellness-focused amenity.  It gives you another great tool to showcase during prospective member tours!

Adds Value to Your Business

RelaxSpace Wellness Pods can be the perfect wellness-focused complement to other perks offered at your club.

Fits Well in an 8’x10′ Room

One of the great benefits of these sleek, private pods is that no special room considerations are needed. Each RelaxSpace Wellness Pod can fit well in an 8’ x 10’ space and requires one standard 110V wall outlet and a CAT-5 connection for software updates.

Minimal Staff Training Required

Other than activating the RelaxSpace Wellness Pod from your front desk, there are no special requirements or training needed from your staff. RelaxSpace makes it easy to offer benefits without the hassle of a complex setup.

Electrical Requirements

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RelaxSpace Wellness Pod Features

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Immersive, 43” Screen

All wellness content is displayed overhead on a large monitor, providing users with an immersive experience without any claustrophobic concerns.

RelaxSpaceRun Screen

Touchscreen Control Interface

Users select from a large menu of wellness content including nature scenes, mediation practices, travel videos, mindfulness content, breathing exercises and healthy lifestyle content.

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Modern, Futuristic Product Design

RelaxSpace Wellness Pods are designed to catch the eye and provoke member curiosity, generating ongoing awareness at your establishment.

Recommended Room Layouts

8 x 10 Private Spaces With Glass Doors

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An Amenity They’ll Keep Coming Back For

No matter what your members’ fitness goals are, investing in wellness is universal.

RelaxSpace Wellness Pods at your club is the perfect way to invest in wellness for your members.

The more they use the pods, the more benefits they’ll reap. Plus, with so many different features to explore (from sights to sounds to scents and more), each session can be a totally unique experience for frequent users.

Interested in RelaxSpace Wellness Pods?

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