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Why Bring WellnessSpace Solutions to Your Campus?

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Real Results, Real Impact

The HydroMassage at our university recreation center is a total lifesaver. It feels awesome after a long workout and my brain gets a nice break, too.

Student Athlete

University of Leeds HydroMassage
UNC Greensboro HydroMassage

[RelaxSpace] is a way for people to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the day, as well as to detach and reset. This can give people time to shut the world out, shut the light out, shut the noise out.

Beth Michel
Assistant Director for Fitness and Wellness at Kent State

As a pre-med student, my days are crazy busy and super stressful. Taking just a few minutes to chill on the HydroMassage at the Wellness Room makes huge difference. It's definitely a major bonus to being a student here.

College Senior

Alabama Football


UNC Greensboro edit


Your Questions, Answered
WellnessSpace Brands solutions are an excellent way to extend the benefits of full-body wellness to your entire campus. Students, whether athletes or not, can benefit from muscle recovery and relaxation, especially during stressful academic periods. Beyond being the ultimate tools for finals-week stress relief, faculty and staff can also take advantage of these wellness amenities to alleviate stress and enhance overall well‑being.
The installation time for WellnessSpace Brands’ products on a college or university campus may vary based on several factors, such as the types and number of products being installed, the complexity of the setup, and the campus infrastructure. We aim for a seamless and efficient installation process. For a more specific time estimate tailored to your campus, it is recommended to contact us directly.
Incorporating WellnessSpace Brands’ products, such as HydroMassage, CryoLounge+ and RelaxSpace Wellness Pods, into your college or university campus can enhance the school’s appeal, attracting prospective students and faculty with top-tier wellness amenities. They position your institution as one that values and fosters a culture of holistic health. Furthermore, the convenience of having state-of-the-art wellness amenities on campus can contribute to a better work-study-life balance for students and staff. It can also serve as a communal space where individuals can interact, encouraging a more interconnected and healthier campus community.
WellnessSpace Brands’ products can aid in the recovery of student-athletes, reduce injury downtime, and enhance physical performance. Soothe achy muscles after a hard workout with the CryoLounge+ Chair’s targeted cold therapy or the HydroMassage Lounge’s powerful heated water jets. Athletes can unwind and get more in tune with their bodies in the RelaxSpace Wellness Pods, offering guided meditation, immersive video, aromatherapy and more. With tools like these, student-athletes can receive top-notch treatment that is integral to their success and well-being without the need for hiring additional staff.
WellnessSpace Brands’ products can be a vital component in mental-health initiatives on campus as accessible self-care activities for students. Products like the RelaxSpace Wellness Pods, which offer guided meditation and mindfulness content, can help students, faculty and staff manage stress and anxiety. These tools can be integrated with other mental-health resources for college students on your campus to support the emotional well-being of the community with accessible and affordable ways to unwind.

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