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Cold/Heat Therapy

A Smarter Solution for
Cold and Heat.



Personalized Full-Body
Heated Massage

Mental Wellness

Multisensory Experience to
Relax, Reset and Explore

“Nearly 80% of US consumers say they workout for their mental/emotional wellbeing!”


The Evolution Of Wellness and Recovery

The days of solely focusing on physical fitness are gone — today, clients approach their body’s health with a holistic mindset. Gyms are seeing an increased demand for recovery-focused offerings as clients begin to seek out total body wellness solutions. 

“Gyms say they are seeing increased demand for gentler classes, and they’re expanding their mellower offerings like yoga and meditation.  They’re also rolling out dedicated “recovery” rooms equipped with massage lounge chairs…”

and Innovative Wellness Solutions

With three products, each aimed at a different area of recovery and relaxation, WellnessSpace seeks to change the way gyms and fitness centers approach supporting their clients’ wellness. By offering amenities to support your clients on their journey to total body wellness, your fitness club will become a destination for self-care and holistic health.

CryoLounge+ Chairs

A Smarter Solution for
Cold and Heat

While cold and heat therapy are staples in many training rooms around the world, neither are particularly enjoyable or practical in a fitness club. That’s why CryoLounge+ chairs offer an alternative to cold baths and gas cryotherapy with convenient, targeted cold and heat therapy.

Cryo Lounge
RelaxSpace Wellness Pods

Multi-Sensory Experience to Relax, Reset, and Explore

The RelaxSpace’s 43” display offers an immersive relaxation experience, featuring nature videos, guided meditation and mindfulness, along with healthy living and self-improvement content. During their session, users may also enjoy custom scent options, a cooling fan, a heated seat, and a heart rate monitor to track their relaxation.

Relax Space
HydroMassage Beds and Lounges

Personalized Full-Body, Heated Massage

Utilized by physical therapists, chiropractors, and thousands of health clubs for more than 30 years, HydroMassage is the perfect solution for muscle soreness, stress and post-workout recovery. Each massage lasts 10 – 15 minutes and is fully customizable to each member’s needs, allowing users to personalize the massage speed, intensity, location and temperature.

Hydro massage

Your Turn-Key Wellness Space

All clubs have cardio and strength areas — set yours apart by offering a dedicated wellness space to support your member’s mental and physical health.

By integrating the WellnessSpace suite of products into your club’s wellness area, clients can access a range of solutions suited to their needs in one convenient location.

Industry Leaders Focusing on Wellness & Recovery

Gainesville Health & Fitness

Gainesville Health & Fitness



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Chiefs Fit

Club Fitness

Club Fitness

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Life Time

Club Greenwood

Club Greenwood


What Business Owners Are Saying

“Especially post-covid, there’s never been a more urgent time for the fitness industry to emphasize healthy lifestyles with exercise, nutrition, and stress relief.”
Victor Brick

Owner of 75 Planet Fitness Clubs

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Why is muscle recovery important? Many experts believe muscle recovery is the single most important ...

Why is muscle recovery important? Many experts believe muscle recovery is the single most important ...

Why is muscle recovery important? Many experts believe muscle recovery is the single most important ...

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