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HydroMassage Testimonial and Video of Dr. Damian Scelfo

We are very lucky to have so many successful doctors all over the country who are willing to share their experiences with HydroMassage. Read how HydroMassage has impacted Dr. Damian Scelfo’s practice below.

Dear HydroMassage [AquaMED],

Your bed does everything it says it will do… and then some. I believe the HydroMassage [AquaMED] is an absolutely positive approach to patient care. This bed has such a high patient satisfaction quotient; all of my patients love this machine!

In fact, I can’t get them off the bed after their session is completed. They even try to buy it off of me. I’ve heard patients say that the HydroMassage [AquaMED] feels like a 15 minute hug or that it makes them feel like they’ve had a good night’s rest. From a doctor’s standpoint, you can’t ask for more than that.

At my practice, the HydroMassage [AquaMED] is used in a number of ways. We use it as a very important part of our spinal decompression treatments. The bed helps to warm and relax my patients’ muscles and ligaments, allowing us to decompress the disc properly and as comfortably as possible. Although we mainly use the bed pre-decompression, we put several patients on the bed after the treatment to stimulate blood flow and promote the healing process.

Thanks to the bed, we’ve seen some positive results with patients who have excess scar tissue; it really helps to break down the areas where the tissue is really built up. We also put patients with bad posture on the bed to help loosen up their muscles and allow them to stand up properly. We really try to utilize the HydroMassage [AquaMED] with everything; it’s one of those situations that massage and increased blood flow is always going to help.

The HydroMassage [AquaMED] has been a great addition to my practice. I see 25-30 patients per day and 95% of these patients go on the bed. We charge $20 for a 15 minute session and patients always request to go on the bed. You only have to do the math to realize that the HydroMassage [AquaMED] pays for itself very quickly. In fact, it brings in about $500 per day to my practice. This equates to over $100,000 in extra revenue for my practice per year. That says a lot!

Thanks to the HydroMassage [AquaMED], we get 5 new patients per month directly from referrals. After using the bed, patients go home and tell their friends and family members about this bed that makes them feel like they are “floating in heaven”. No one ever says that about adjustments. However, the HydroMassage [AquaMED] brings people in for a great massage, and they tend to leave as chiropractic patients. It really helps to open people’s eyes to the benefits of chiropractic treatment.

Other than handing out the coupons and punch cards from the marketing kit you provide, I don’t do any other marketing. I don’t need to market the bed, my patients do it for me through word of mouth referrals.

I would recommend this bed to any doctor who wants to add massage to their practice, without having to add another person.  The HydroMassage [AquaMED] is much more reliable than a massage therapist. In fact, I removed my massage therapist to put the HydroMassage [AquaMED] in. Massage therapists get sick; have maternity leave…things happen. This doesn’t happen with the HydroMassage [AquaMED]; it’s waiting for people all day long. Plus, it really helps with office flow. If the waiting room is full, we will put the next patient on the bed, to help stall them and keep them happy while their room is being prepared.

I truly believe that the HydroMassage [AquaMED] is a huge practice builder. Any doctor would not be thinking clearly if they didn’t think this would add benefit to their practice. It absolutely helps with getting new patients, satisfying them when they are here and keeping them once their treatment is complete. If doctors are looking to do a better job for their patients, to improve their health and satisfaction, the HydroMassage [AquaMED] will make that easy for them. Their patients’ satisfaction will at least double with the HydroMassage [AquaMED] and their practice will be equally successful.

I couldn’t be happier with the HydroMassage [AquaMED].

Dr. Damian Scelfo

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