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Why Every Student Needs a Calming Break

Schools and teaching staff have incorporated mindfulness and calming corners in the classroom for more than 30 years.  These tools help students with strategies and tools to return to the classroom mindset and increase their participation.

We now see many colleges and universities adopting this practice by implementing wellness spaces where students can take a break, recover, and relax to increase their focus and health.  Students are searching for a designated area they can go to when they feel overwhelmed, anxious, angry, or are experiencing sensory overload.  

Research has shown that 90% of students offered a wellness space return to the classroom with lower stress and anxiety, reduction in frustration,  and are refocused after spending just 10 minutes practicing wellness and mindfulness.

Regular mindfulness practice can help sharpen attention and concentration skills to help students stay focused on learning.

By offering amenities such as the HydroMassage or RelaxSpace Wellness Pod, colleges and universities can give students the health and wellness break they need to restore and rebalance.

Benefits of a wellness space: 

  • Increase in mental well-being
  • Increase in ability to focus
  • Improvement in peaceful feelings
  • Enhanced academic and social outcomes
  • Improved ability to self-regulate to calm and relax

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